As FleurtyBands' owner, I would love to tell you how amazing these headbands are. How cute, functional, affordable, and super great they are. But I'm a little bias. So, why don't you read what others are saying about them?



 "I have been in so many classes when my headband goes flying off, getting sweaty hair all over my face. Or, I've been at work, trying to get a blood pressure or listen with my stethoscope, and a headband is giving me a headache while still slipping back and down off my head! FleurtyBands are honestly so different. They stay on the WHOLE day, never hurt, always keep my hair off my face, and come in so many flattering and cute styles that I always get compliments. If you've had headbands that have let you down in the past, you definitely need to try these!!"  Carrie C., Texas

 "I've always had trouble with my headbands slipping off my head. I've tried all of the expensive brands with no luck, but then I found out about FleurtyBands and these babies DO NOT MOVE (and they are reasonably priced). As an added bonus, there are so many styles to choose from and are perfect for gym time, class/worktime, or just running errands. These are perfect, buy just one and I promise you'll be a FleurtyBands addict like me!" Taylor N., Kentucky

  "With my on-the-go lifestyle, most days, my go-to hairdo is slipping on a headband! I've tried many different headbands in the past which end up giving me a headache or flying off my head, leaving me constantly readjusting them. I absolutely love FleurtyBands because whether I'm dancing around with my students, training for my next 5k, or traveling, I NEVER have to readjust them!! And as a bonus, there are sooo many cute styles to choose from! Everyday my students can't wait to see what headband I wear to school! If your like me and LOVE cute headbands and have zero time to spend readjusting all day, go check them out! You won't be let down!"  Brooke P., Texas


"The thing I hate when I'm working out is the feeling of loose hair tickling my face. Even worse is when I wear a headband to keep those frizzies at bay and it slips off. FleurtyBands have been my saving grace in the gym - they always stay put, even during high-intensity kickboxing classes. The best part is that they are super cute and there are tons of options to chose from. Do yourself a favor and give FleurtyBands a try, I promise you won't regret it!"  Kayte H., Colorado





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 Before FleurtyBands.com, I started selling FleurtyBands on Etsy in 2014.

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